Tom PaoliniThe Style League was created in April of 2009 during their inaugural event at Wine in Brookside (Missouri). It was a group of style-minded guys (and 3 gals) there to learn about the “Art of the Suit” from an industry expert and an industry newcomer regarding construction, quality, fabric and fit.

We paired that sartorial education with a wine tasting hosted by the proprietor of the wine shop to help us appreciate the wine we were drinking.

It wasn’t just about good-looking suits and good wine – we also focused on doing good. Thanks to the generosity of attendees who donated their previously worn suits, blazers and general dress clothes, we created a men’s wardrobe for a Kansas City homeless shelter.

The spirit of The Style League was simple: camaraderie, philanthropy, education and refinement in the continuum of men’s lifestyle.

The Founder of The Style League, Tom Paolini, made a career move from the Information Technology industry – having spent 15 years in it with companies including IBM and Lenovo – to the men’s apparel business.

Although it may seem like a leap, it was destined to be. Mr. Paolini has haberdashery running in his blood – he is the third generation in his family to make a go of it in the business. Allesandro Del Bene

His great-grandfather, Allesandro Del Bene, owned his own tailoring shop in the Bronx, New York during the late 1930s and ‘40s making both men’s and women’s garments.

Mr. Paolini describes his grandfather, Guilio Paolini, as his style archetype and is considers him the best-dressed man he’s ever met. Guilio Paolini worked in New York’s garment industry as a dress cutter for SportCraft, a high-end women’s clothing manufacturer.

So the creation of The Style League was born out of a passion for dressing and living well. And based on family history, that passion was born as soon as he was born.

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